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Gain higher rankings in search engines without paying for ads!  Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing your website (both on and off page) to make it more visible to Google's (and Yahoo's and Bing's) crawling bots.  The result is increased quality and quantity of traffic.

At Conmigo Media, our SEO experts get measurable results, quickly.  And our robust reporting keeps you apprised of every detail of our efforts.  

Contact us today for a complimentary SEO audit and quote.
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  • Gain higher rankings in search engine results and drive more relevant traffic to your website pages.

  • Increase long term ROI with higher traffic volume through organic (non-paid) search

  • Improve brand awareness, visibility and gain a competitive advantage in the search engines.

What is Included with Conmigo’s SEO?

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SEM versus SEO: What's the difference?

Generally, "search engine marketing" refers to paid search marketing, a system where businesses pay Google to show their ads in the search results.

Search engine optimization, or SEO

is different because businesses don't pay Google for traffic and clicks; rather, they earn a free spot in in the search results by having the most relevant content for a given keyword search.

Both SEO and SEM should be fundamental parts of your online marketing strategy. SEO is a powerful way to drive evergreen traffic at the top of the funnel, while search engine advertisements are a highly cost-effective way to drive conversions at the bottom of the funnel.

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Why Choose Conmigo for Seo Company in Houston, Texas?


The word organic is never going to go out of style. Let it be organic farming, eating, or even living. Well, this word excites people in the internet world as well—primarily digital marketers. Right from web traffic, sales to revenue, they pine for it to be organic. But how to get this done? The magic word is Search Engine Optimization (Seo Agency Houston). And we, here at Conmigo Media, can help you infuse this magic into your company. 


We believe that every company has something unique to offer. And we also think we have something equally special to bring to the table. Combining both, we are sure that we can achieve progress that will be real and distinctive. Through our SEO services, we strive to generate more organic traffic to your company's website. We also focus on improving the quantity and quality of this to enhance the company's authenticity online.


Still not convinced? Let's quickly look at some reasons as to why you are better off choosing us as your SEO service provider.

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We will not make a promise to get your website featured on the first results page of Google in under a month. And we advise you not to go with any agency that does this as well.

Lofty promises - A big

no-no for us

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Guaranteed transparency in all arenas

We are upfront with every prospective customer about our portfolio, clientele list, achievements, and limitations. 

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Thorough website auditing

At Conmigo, we study your company's profile first and later offer an action plan driven by KPI metrics to attain ROI growth. We strive to deliver .

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Clear cut communication

 We will make sure that the client's constructive criticism and our feedback will be communicated without misinterpretations. 

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Avoiding black-hat techniques

Under no circumstances do we indulge or encourage any black-hat techniques. We believe that these are unethical and do not benefit the client or us. 

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ROI focused growth

Our services concentrate on improving SEO by focusing on methods that boost ROI. We believe that this method produces real and permanent results.

Types of SEO Services We Provide in Texas

Each company is unique, just like the product it sells. Hence, the SEO strategy that works for a Cypress-based company may not work for a firm from Houston. Sadly, Ctrl C, Ctrl V method doesn't work well in this scenario. This is why we at Conmigo Media have come up with different themed solutions to deal with this variety. We offer various SEO methods based on your company type, size, target audience, location, product, and the goals you want to reach.


Scroll down to choose the SEO strategy that floats your boat.


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Local SEO

This would be the ideal choice of companies that have a strong local customer base. Using Local SEO, a company from a place like Houston or Cypress can effectively outshine even their national competitors through targeted marketing. According to ReviewTrackers' study, 35 percent of all search traffic is local.

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Ecommerce SEO

For a majority of eCommerce companies, their product is the hero. Unlike leads generated sales, Ecommerce companies get direct sales through their website. This is why a high SERP rank is considered a sign of good business health-especially for industries in retail. Here, the product gets more weightage than the company itself.

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Mobile SEO

Eighty percent of internet users own a mobile phone as per the Global Web Index. Fifty-eight percent search the web from their phones. And 93 percent of all online experiences start from a search engine. One in three smartphone owners checks the website before visiting the store. These statistics indicate that Mobile SEO is a must for the future.

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Enterprise SEO

This category of SEO is all about sheer volume. From company size, customer base to web pages, such enterprises deal with everything in mammoth proportions. Such large companies don't want to be just noticed but want to dominate a service or product category.

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Small Business SEO

As the name suggests, businesses with a smaller customer base can opt for this category. Company or customer base size doesn't matter for Google. It just looks for relevant content and keywords which we provide. 

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Startup SEO

SEO is a startup company's best advertiser. It helps to establish the company's authority, announce its arrival in the market, and let other companies know that they have a new competitor in town. And we at Conmigo will be your best advisor to make sure your advertiser is doing its job well. 

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Franchise SEO

The mother company's image will get you only a limited amount of visibility. You need other organic methods to gather attention. A franchise SEO technique is one such solution. Combining the principles of local and mobile SEO methods, Conmigo Media offers unique solutions for new franchise owners.

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Multilingual SEO

When used optimally, this can be your company's most potent international digital marketing strategy. Multilingual SEO is not just about translating content from English to French or Spanish. It is about capturing a different category of people altogether. We do this by creating unique multilingual content, forming individual URLs, enforcing Hreflang tags, optimizing metadata, and more.

Seven Fundamental Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO

Optimizing a website for Search engines is as important as naming your company. You will be rendered invisible in the internet realm otherwise. From brand image building, creating visibility to generating revenue, SEO has become a rite of passage for every eCommerce company.


Read on to understand your company's advantages with SEO and why you should invest in this $50 billion industry.  

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Builds Brand Image and Visibility

When effectively used, SEO can put a face on your website. It will help you gain a unique identity. Even in the face of fierce competition and market fluctuations, your brand image and value will help you sail through.


 A search engine optimized website will make your company's website more visible, trustworthy and credible, all in one go. Using appropriate keywords and metadata, users will easily find your website as it will be ranked right at the top of the results page.


Though this takes time, the results will be rewarding. You will gain a loyal customer base that trusts your brand and services. This will fetch you positive feedback, which in turn will turn into new leads.

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Generates Web Traffic and Engagement

If you optimize your website, you will turn over a profit. There are no grey areas or loopholes here. This is because SEO practices are the most direct ways to gain a high SERP rank. This means that more and more people are visiting your website. And voila, there is your revenue.


Studies say SEO-generated leads have a 15 percent closer rate. While on and off-page SEO techniques are two ways to achieve higher engagement. According to a report by BrightEdge, SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media. And only 0.78 percent of internet users click on the 2nd results page. So, if your website isn't SE-optimized, it's more likely that you will end up here, losing visibility and revenue.

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Pushes for Organic Content Marketing

Organic search and organic content rule the web. This hasn't changed with time or internet trends. So, companies must invest in organic content creating and marketing. And SEO of this content only makes things better for your company. And this, in turn, boosts your organic click-through rate.


Take a look at these numbers. As much as 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search, 60% of marketers say that SEO drives high-quality leads, and unduplicated content gets viewed two times more than paid ads. A balanced combination of original content and SEO is essential for any eCommerce company's growth.

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Affordable Option with Long Lasting Results

With SEO, you don't pay for ad space. Instead, you create organic content which captures its own space. SEO is a cheaper option than its traditional counterparts, considering the high returns you get back in kind. And these results have long-term positive effects on your rankings, traffic, and credibility.


According to market pricing, most companies pay a monthly retainer of $501-$1000 for SEO services. And 88 percent of SEO agencies charge $150 or lesser per hour. Companies are advised to look at this cost as an investment rather than a marketing expenditure.

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Improves Web Experience of Users

SEO is an excellent tool for offering your customers a hassle-free web experience. UX optimization and SEO are two things that complement each other. They make it easier for the user to find your page and use it without difficulty.

Nowadays, search engines collect data that help them understand user behavior. So, it is no longer just about the rankings. Factors like mobile-friendliness, usability, and site speed have more weightage. Search engines are more likely to suggest your site based on the number of users who have accessed it previously. And this is entirely dependent on how user-friendly your interface is. This is how SEO pushes companies to improve their overall web user experience.

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Helps to Overthrow Competition

As SEO encourages companies to create and work with unique content, this keeps competition at bay effectively. SEO provides companies an edge over the rest, helping them stand out from the crowd. All of the above points help in increasing web traffic and revenue. This by itself gives any company an excellent chance to ward off competition. 


SEO plays a vital role in helping us understand how the World Wide Web works. A good grasp of this enables a company to know the features of an individual market as well.

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Get to Know Your Customers Better

SEO helps companies to retain unwavering focus on the user. Ultimately, search engine algorithms are made and altered, keeping the end consumers in mind.


With tools like Google Analytics, SEO metrics, and Google Search Console, companies can gather data about their customers and use it to their advantage. They can update their products and services based on this. Once you know your customers better, you will get to know how to reach them first. Data on user behavior combined with SEO tactics have explosive results.


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