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Solo Direct Mail

Send a solo mail piece, targeting only the households you want, in any size or style with ease with Conmigo Media’s direct mail solutions. What’s so great about direct mail? Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Best Brand Retention and Impact – a visual, physical piece is memorable and trustworthy, compared to digital advertising.

  • Response Rates vs. Email – Average response rates for direct mail is 2.7% - 4.4%

  • Open Rates vs Email – 82% of mail is opened

  • Household Reach – the average direct mail piece stays in the home for 17 days and 23% of the time, it is shared among family members

  • Targeting – target on a household or neighborhood level using demographics, interests, purchasing behaviors, intents, and more!

  • No special permission needed - Unlike many email blasts, no opt-in is required for direct mail recipients

  • And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Targeting intel, graphic design, printing, mailing list, mailing permit, sorting, delivery to post office, and distribution are all included with your order


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