We provide top of the line development services to our clients with the help of our talented and hardworking developers. These development services include mobile web development and responsive website designs, amongst others. The online experience makes a lasting impression on the customer and that is what they base their decisions on. Having a website that is interactive, explanatory and easy to navigate while also having an advanced UI/UX design has become necessary in this day and age. We excel in providing exactly this, allowing you to be one step ahead of the competition.

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Years of experience in this field is what gives us the edge over our competitors. We have worked with a number of different clients in Houston and Cypress and that adds to the experience of the Conmigo Media team. Using the latest and greatest techniques and attractive designs, we provide websites that will increase your reach along with allowing you to sell more products. It does not matter what your chosen field is or how big your business is. We provide e-commerce websites that are designed to deliver in an increase in sales, allowing you to maximize your profits.

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Our aim is to deliver a website that will put a smile on the user’s face and result in a sale being made instead of the user leaving the website in frustration. Simply making the website appealing to the eye is not enough. We understand it must be just as functional and user-friendly which greatly increases the chances of conversion. Our trusted plug-ins and light framework allow the websites to load at lightning-fast speeds while also keeping them secure. Our claims are backed up by our stellar record.

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Why Choose Conmigo for Website Design Services in Texas?

Are you looking for a complete website revamp or website design services in Texas? Well, Conmigo is your one-stop solution!

Conmigo affirms an end-to-end service


If the service ends midway, then what is the point? The idea is to provide a wholesome functionality that addresses the client's needs, from setting the budget to getting the customer on board and finally converting him to a loyal one creating fuel for your business. The motive is to keep it simple for the user and not invite him to end up in complex loops to lose him forever.


Creating an immersive experience


If your target user ends up on the website, he will undergo a coherent experience such that he will want to engage. The website will have the capacity to grab attention and create a dialogue between the user and the interface in an interactive manner. After all, the user is not willing to spend his precious time on a ‘404 error' webpage.





Understanding the user


We apprehend that the user is not here to know how great you are. He is there to find a solution to address his pain points. Our experience reaffirms that we get the hang of it and can help the user navigate easily, making him reach his destination in no time. Once he does, more options are brought into the picture, so he either stays or certainly comes back.


Updates are the lifelines of your website


For your website to function smoothly, it needs updates from time to time to match the requirements put forth from testing, customer feedback, or match the needs of a tech-savvy generation. A website that upkeeps with the ongoing dynamics is well maintained and preferred even more by users. Therefore, updating never ends, and that is the best part for your website to grow further.


Adherence to timeline and budget estimates


We do not believe in meddling with the budget and timelines again and again. We make one in the beginning and stick to it, once agreed by the company. It is one of the best ways to measure the work in progress and determine the outcome. Weekly updates are in the team members' veins so that there is no delay in deadlines.


We work in agile teams


The team works in an agile manner aligning to small targets and quick adaptation to new targets. It helps to keep the team focussed as well as productive at the same time. Further, this allows minimal hierarchy within the group, provides teamwork to be the primary way to operate, and ensures that each member is on the same page.


Our experience shapes the vision


We have been in the industry for a while now with the versatile experience of working with small and large firms across Houston and Cypress. Therefore, we certainly understand that the requirements of both are entirely different from each other. However, this does not mean that one's needs surpass the other. Both are equally important and are given due respect as promised.



What is the Importance of Web Design for your Business?


Don't let the first impression be the last


Your company's website is the face of your business. It is the leading hook to grab eyeballs. Your website design will determine whether your users will stay or bounce off. Also, to emphasize this, you should always keep in mind that it will surely land on your competitors if a user leaves your website. So if it is not a hit, it is a miss.


Subscribe to Mantra- 'Updation is a never-ending process.'


Consider yourself to be a customer and ask yourself, which website would you like to visit? An organization that is well versed with the current trends or a website that hasn't changed its layout for decades? You already know the answer. If your website does not incorporate recent updates or does not align with the technological requirements, it will soon be declared outdated.


Consistency builds relationships


If you keep meddling with the fonts, colors, layouts of each web page now and then, it will confuse your users. They will lose track and ultimately interest, and you will lose on the session time you could have generated. Maintaining a sense of consistency provides ease at the backend and allows you to build credibility and trust amongst your users, which is essential.


Create an effortless user experience


Your customers should be able to navigate effortlessly through different sections of your website. To have this in place, you should be aware of what your target audience or potential customers are looking for. Keeping some statistics handy would not harm. If your website functions well, but users have an unpleasant experience while maneuvering, it will affect the stats. Also, your website should work well with a desktop or mobile view.


Content is the King, but SEO is the Queen


What is more important than creating content? Content distribution. Your content should reach the right audience. To achieve that, you should strategize your website as per the SEO. If you think it through, you will understand, what is the importance of investing ample time and effort into keywords that no one is searching for, right? In case your internal resources are not sufficient to back the website's SEO, then an external agency can act as a helping hand to boost your online appearance.


Patience is good until it comes down to the load time


Getting more users should never be the target; rather, it should be how many stay and for how long. Most of the users open websites on their smartphones, and as quickly as they tap to enter it, they will swipe out to exit with even more speed. One major factor is the load time of your website. If the website is ready for the user to scroll through in seconds, they will stay else, and they will indeed find better websites.


Conversions will keep the business up and running


What exactly is a conversion? When a user lands on your website and can get exactly what he has been pondering for, then perhaps he is likely to purchase a product or avail a service. Getting traffic to your website is one thing and converting them is another. For better conversions, your website should be good to go for mobile users so that they can get what they want in just a few clicks.


Your website should have that extra cherry on the cake


You should stand out in business, or else why will a customer buy something from you and not your competitor? To hook your customer, there should be something to keep him engaged and generate a will to come back to place an order. Focus on USPs that define your brand, and they should simultaneously resonate with your customers. The only way is, you should be able to prove that you are better.


Getting a customer is easy; maintaining them requires sweat


Delivering a product does not mean your job is over. To keep the relationship going, you need to fuel it with feedback and reliable service. If you forget your customer once you sell a product, then you tend to lose them forever. Instead, listen to your customer. Their experience gives you a lot of scope for improvement and, in turn, growth. Who knows, it can be a turning point for your business?



Types of Web Design Services We Provide in Texas


What kind of web design services are you aiming for? Conmigo does it all.


1. Custom Web Design


How would you like your website layout to be? It should outperform. If the design is personalized as per your company's requirement, then nothing like it. It can be tailored just for you. Conmigo dedicates its sole attention to your website to meet the expectations as needed. It is an end-to-end service with all essentials being taken care of.


2. Static Websites


If you are keeping initial steps into the business world, you may want to start with something basic. A static website. These websites contain a certain number of webpages with static content in a series of requests from the user and responses from the server. They are just right to serve the purpose and take less time in creation.


3. Dynamic Websites


Dynamic websites are fun. They are coded with the capacity to change the content in real-time. A request from one user will be different from another, and so should be the response. This is possible through dynamic websites. Each time you browse for something, you will fetch something new. This helps in keeping the users engaged for a more significant deal of time as it ends the monotony leaving something different to explore every time.


4. E-commerce Websites


Websites that allow users to buy a product or avail a service electronically is an e-commerce website. Developing one is tricky because you need to align with the right keywords to make the user end up on the right product or service to take a call to action. He should land at the right place in just a few clicks without taking a toll on his patience level.


5. Real Estate Website


You must have often heard that property is power. There is a vast audience out there looking for houses and properties online for either rent or sale. With the amount of migration taking place, the importance of these websites has further skyrocketed. Users or tenants can quickly get in touch with landlords and brokers online with these websites' help.


6. Personal Websites


A personal website is a space that a user generally maintains to showcase his or her portfolio and skills. Owning a personal website increases the user's credibility by further opening up options in his or her career path. It mostly contains your blog, vlog, logo, videography, photography, podcasts, or any other form of digital expression of your interest and personality.


7. Corporate Websites


A corporate website is where your target audience can land and know the thick and thin about your brand. Your loyal customers tend to learn more about you and your company. They want to know the story behind your brand more than the product itself. Yes, it is true. It is your story that sells your product, and your website can be a great storyteller.



Step by Step Website Design Process Flow


Conmigo has a holistic approach when it comes to developing a complete web design for your company.


1. Planning the Budget


First things first, whenever there is a barter in business, budget plays an essential role. The budget decides what all services will become a part of the project and often determines the contract's length forming a complete package. The budget should agree to both the parties to go ahead and kick start the partnership with all clauses approved.


2. Setting the Goal


The company can have a specific goal that they wish to achieve. It can be bringing organic traffic to their website, making it user-friendly, reducing the response time, decreasing the bounce rate, or a combination of these. The goal is certainly important but what's more important is the timeline assigned to it; else, the entire activity will eventually sound vague. Conmigo aligns with it.


3. Prototype Design


When a company asks for a specific website design, Conmigo first goes ahead with the prototype after understanding its requirements. We develop a mock website that can be previewed before hitting the live button. This enables the firm to have a better look and feel with content and visuals. Once the prototype is finalized, it is all set to put into use.


4. Creating Wireframes


A wireframe shows how each web page will function and the terminology and navigation through the website. It gives the layout or what you call a structure for the company to comprehend the final output. It is ensured that the wireframe looks user-friendly and meets the demands of the clients and, in fact, optimizes them in the best possible manner.


5. Coding & Creating Content


Each website has web pages that are composed of both the front end and back end. You will get to see the content: written, visual, multimedia, carousels when you scroll through. But where is it coming from? These are all coded from the back end to display the desired output in a way that what the user sees and what is being done at the rear end is in sync with each other for a seamless experience.


6. Customer Feedback & Testing


Customer feedback is crucial. It gives a fresh perspective to things that you are seldom unable to visualize. Therefore, it is essential to pay heed to what your customer is saying. Testing forms the crux before the website is ready to stream. Checking each feature available on the website allows the backend team to fix bugs if there are any, enabling a better user experience.


7. Launch & Evaluate


Once the testing is done and all discrepancies are taken care of, the website or any new feature is ready to launch. The website is prepared for the users to explore. Evaluation is a post-launch process, where we evaluate the outcome of what was aimed for or if any changes are needed to modify the responses we are getting.


8. Website Updates & Support


Delivering a process does not end the cycle. The website requires updates now and then in this fast-paced world, and we keep up with that. Conmigo readily supports any upcoming clients' upcoming requirements to ensure that the purpose they lined up for is being fulfilled in every aspect. Maintenance of the website is a part of the protocol.


Are you looking for web design services in Texas? Give us a call at 469.328.4658 for more details.

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